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    Re: Over Sea Plumber

    I hired a couple of Russian brothers back in the 70s right off of the boat (family of a friend). The Russian governmeny took all of their tools as they left Russia so they basically had clothing and that was it. Within 5-years they had their own shop and are doing well to this day.

    "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

    I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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      Re: Over Sea Plumber

      Thats something to look up to. Gotta say, they sure made it.. And fast to Good to hear..

      Hehe... Yeah, thats the hour price that i earn atm.. hehe
      But, as u see.. we pay 34-50% tax, depending on how much income we have pr year. Over in the US you pay 3% or so?? But then u have the health insurace aswell.. We dont have that.. We have free hospitals and alot more

      Im 22 now, turning 23.. Earning 37$ pr hour. I get my pay check every 2nd week. And that pay check is for about 3170$, so 6240$ a moth i get.

      Every 2nd week i pay around 1070$ in taxes. So pr month thats comes up to a total of 6240$ earnd money and 2140$ in tax.. Then i get approx. 4100$ payed out to me every month.. After taxes.

      But, if your a owner of a car and such.. You have several fees to pay there every 3rd month and year.. So owning a car here is expensive. The prices for a car here, is about twice as expencive as in the US.. Alot of custom taxes when you buy a car here
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