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Whole house filter install question.

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  • Whole house filter install question.

    Hi, I am about to splice my whole house water feed line, to put in a double series of "big blue 20" filters. My question is, I teflon tyaped, and put a gal pipe between the 2 of them, and tightened as wel as i could. Also tightened the copper reducer on each end( goin from 1" to 3/4". Now I have to heat my copper line, but my concern is the heat transferring and melting the big blue filter inlet or outlet area. Is their material temp resistant enough to not melt?? I have no choice but to weld last, as I cannot twist these on later after welding. Thanks!!!

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    I don't know about the heat, is there any way to get a union into the mix, could that help out your problem? Just trying to think of a way to keep the heat farther from the filter.


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      From the description I am thinking the assembly goes something like this;

      ---1" Cu Pipe--->--[+]-[+]-<---1" Cu Pipe----
      [ ] [ ]
      [ ] [ ]

      ^ ^ ^ ^
      | | | +-- 3/4 x 1" reducer
      | | +----- Filter #2
      | +--------- Filter #1
      +------------- 3/4 x 1" reducer

      if that's the case then add a 1" slip cplg downstream of the 1" reducer. Sweat your adapter on the upstream side and screw everything together working your way downstream. Downstream of filter #2 make up the required length piece on the bench so the heat will not damage the filters, when cool screw into the filter outlet, with the slip cplg already on the pipe, cleaned and fluxed and ready to solder. Line up the 1" copper and slip the cplg over the joint and solder. Place a soaking wet rag wrapped around the pipe between the cplg and the filter, this will draw any excessive heat away from the filter. You still need to work carefully and don't take all day


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        Thanks for the tip Bob D, that makes sense. Here's a picture of what I have now.


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          Bill_D you should first remove the 1" female adapters from the filters, then cut two 6-8 in. pieces of 3/4 tubing and solder these pieces into the reducer and adapter combinations. Once these are cooled ,with a quick splash in the sink attach back to the filter. Now you should have enough room for any heat transferring,also I would isolate this filter with a 3/4BALL VALVE on each side for replacing filter at a later date. Also change that galvi. nipple with a brass.


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            Agree with rmurf69, add the ball valves for isolation and change the nipple over to brass.


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              Appreciate the help guys!!! Will go out and get a brass nipple, and 2 3/4" ball valves for each side as well. Will try and post a pic of finished product. Thanks again for the replies!!! Bill.