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Being more cautious

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  • Being more cautious

    Last edited by Tyman; 02-22-2010, 08:29 PM.
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    Re: Being more cautious

    my co workers hate it when i tell them they are doing some thing wrong .the best is ladders if they are standing on the 2nd to top step or if they take a steep ladder and lean it on a wall and go up it . i remind them that we have some one off now for 7 mouths with 2 shattered legs because the ladder he was on was not tied off and and he fell 12ft .they say he may never be able to stand on a ladder again .

    so i always look to see if they are doing things safe so if some thing does happen it will not be because i looked the other way .so i dont care if they dont like me telling them to stop doing it

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      Re: Being more cautious

      I once checked an electric heater out that wasn't working. I checked with my meter for the 240, and it read 0. On a whim I checked a leg to ground, and lo and behold there was 120V! To both legs! Someone had rewired at the breaker box into two single breakers instead of a double and had put them on the same pole. I couldn't believe it. I was so glad I had checked that, and even though I doubt I'll ever see it again, I now use one of those little testers the electricians use to see if a wire is hot.

      Needless to say, noone in the home owned up to it.
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        Re: Being more cautious

        Safety is one of those things you really only get one chance at.


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          Re: Being more cautious

          I am not an electrician. I hate the fact you cant see it or smell it.

          The only thing i know about elctrical is:

          Never assume that the power is off just because the switch/ breaker is in the off postion.