HISTORY - I purchased an older house in August. At that time there was no BSMT site, so i remodled and added it in. In the process i had to install an effluent sump system as i have a negative grade to tie into the City sewers and the tie in was 11" above the slab.
PROBLEM - two weeks ago, the sump had a blockage. I cut the pipe open and found a rock inside the pipe lodged at the tie in to the sewer line. Yes i forgot to inspect the inside of the pipe before i installed it. I am now having issues where the toilet is draining slowly, and once in a while, when the washing machine is running, the draingin of the washing machine will back up and the sump will not keep up. However, when i have run as much water into the sump to verify that this is the case, i dont get back up. What am i missing?????????