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    Does anyone use the Nibco Press Tool?


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    Re: Nibco Press

    Our local pipe supplier has dealer days almost every Friday. About six weeks ago they had the Nibco guys there. We have been using an older vs. of the Ridgid Pro-Press, and I was looking at upgrading to the Nibco. I spent about 20 minutes with the Nibco rep, ran some presses up to two and half inch fittings.

    Nibco's claim to fame is the almost perfect round compression seal there tool creates. The Ridgid is more of an octagonal.

    I was not that impressed with there gun. I hate to use looks as an example but it looked cheap, felt cheap. Just did not have the bullet proof professional feel and look of the Ridgid line. Also it does not have the many built in Safety and alert LED's that the Ridgid line has.

    Nibcos fittings were also limited, and hard to find from varies suppliers. (We shop our fittings for large jobs)

    Viega, who's fittings are guaranteed to work with Ridgid has a very extensive line.

    I ended up popping for the newest gun from Ridgid.

    We have already used it on a couple of minor projects and have been very happy.

    We will be doing another project in the next three weeks with 2" - 4" press fittings, of which Viega has all that we need. All posts some pictures when were done.

    To me the decision to buy one brand over another really comes down to the Rep, Service availability and local distriburtor stocking. I put stocking at the top of my list. Nibco, propress has just not taking off like Viega and Ridgid, at least for our money.


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      Re: Nibco Press

      I like the octogonal crimp for quick, tactile verification of made up joint.