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  • Sneak Peak at New Wrench

    The last time I tried to give you folks a sneak peak at our new Rapidgrip wrench, I was stopped by our lawyers; really. This time I've been assured that all the patents, etc. are in order and I can go with it. This is in advance of all the advertising, just a quick look.

    The RapidGrip is quick-acting and self-adjusting for one-handed use, and it's made to the same professional quality as our other wrenches. You can catch a preview at .

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    I need to post a Warning about using the Rapidgrip wrench on any power drive (300,535,etc.)One of our men lost the tip of his index finger when he was tightening a 1 1/4'' cast fitting on a 300 power drive! The wrench slipped off the fitting, lock on the pipe, crushing and ripping the tip of the finger off against the support bar of the power drive. I know Ridgid warns to not to make or break fittings on there power drives but it is a commonly done in the sprinkler, plumbing, and other mechanical trades.


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      It is very unfortunate this accident occurred.

      The Ridge Tool Company does not recommend making or breaking fitting with a power drive or threading machine. This is an unsafe practice regardless of which type pipe wrench is used.


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        being one of the "gotta have it" types, santa came early to my shop, and brought two Rapidgrips. Thanks Santa. the other Journeyman in the shop was the second kid on this block to get one. We wolld like to see two wrenches, might be the current with a down sized head (to 1-1/4?) and then the second as current but with more handle. any alum. ones out there?


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          It is about time that this tool came out, seeing as how similar it is to the basin wrench. But, at only 12" long it is kind of useless in my profession (fire suppression systems). Will Ridgid be coming out with an aluminum 2-footer? I would sure like to see that.....and would DEFINITELY buy more than ONE!


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            Well, I have seen several requests for more sizes of RAPIDGRIP wrenches. Be assured that Ridge Tool is working hard to get you what you need! Be on the look out for additions to the RAPIDGRIP line of wrenches this summer! Thanks for all your interest and enthusiasm!
            Matt Ondrejko<BR>Hand Tools Product Manager<BR>Ridge Tool Company


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              What is the smallest size the Rapid Grip comes in? I need one I can fit into a water meter box and tighten and loosen the nuts on our line setters (meter yokes). I use an 8" pipe wrench now.