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any advice on my new drummer???

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  • any advice on my new drummer???

    i just bought a new k-6200 drummer-- this machine is niiice
    anybody have any issues or advice with this machine??? this 6200 will give my k1500 a break and me too---1500 is the strongest toughest machine out there--i will argue it all day--i like not having to wrestle the cable---yes it has autofeed and thats awesome too---it was bought to work with my kj1750 jetter---any pros /cons on that too??
    appreciate the comments


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    Re: any advice on my new drummer???

    jason, the 6200 is a 5/8'' machine with similar features of the bigger 7500 machine. it is rated for 6'' max to 200'. direct drive. with 100' of cable 180# is not bad.

    the kj1750 sorry, but it's not a machine i would buy. being electric with a 2h.p. motor it shows a 17 amp draw. good luck not tripping breakers.

    at 1750 psi and only 1.4 gallons per minute, you might as well spit into the pipe

    shows it is rated for 1.25''-4''

    i would say go slow and don't go above 2''

    i do own a couple of electric jetters. but i have 1500 psi at 2.1gpm.

    gpm is more important than psi at this point. so is amperage and finding a good 20 amp dedicated circuit.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: any advice on my new drummer???

      typically in a residential setting in ohio you must have a 20 amp dedicated circuit for the sump pump---thats where i get my power---3 jet jobs today and no tripped breakers--lucky me---also this machine is pretty much just for house lines and small grease lines
      1st job today--jetted a 2" grease line--jetted from inside to intercepter and tons of grease chunks blew back--drains perfect now

      2nd job---snaked 4" sewer line in home to break it free---sent jetter from cleanout to upstairs in house cleaned out lots of debris--just out of curiosity i sent the seesnake threw and pipe was all white(pvc) where i jetted.

      i am having good luck with it--i do know it has limits--when i need the trailer jet--i make the phone call

      why is it that anybody who has a trailer jetter always bashes the electric jetters? i do all the plumbing service for the turnpike plazas and all plumbing is in 2nd level of basement--absolutely no way to get a trailer jet in there without making a mess and disturbing business--electric jet always does the trick
      im not bashin trailer jets-just saying that a kj1750 is a very useful tool for me


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        Re: any advice on my new drummer???

        you have an advantage of it being plastic pipe. there is no rust or barnacles that need cleaning. i guess in your case the plastic makes it work. you'll never get 3'' or larger cast or no hub clean with an electric jetter of that size. not enough washing power or pulling power.

        there are plenty of choices besides a trailer jetter.

        i have a 6.5h.p gas that's 2700 psi @3 gpm and a 18 h.p that's 3000-3500# @ 5.6 gpm. the trailer really needs to be used on 4'' and larger or you can overwork the line and pump. plus who wants to tow around a big jetter for a small job. the electric ones i have are 2h.p 1500psi and 2.1gpm. gpm is more critical than psi. these are the ones i keep in the truck.

        the trailer gets towed as needed.

        phoebe it is