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one of the saddest things ive forgotten

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  • one of the saddest things ive forgotten

    in seeing master plumbs post of the old toilet as i replied its been 20 years since i last worked on one and as i thought back we used to do contract work for a group of rabbis out of new york that owned several turn of the century blds that had long since been turned into projects, every wednesday they would fax over a repair list and several of us would head down and take care of business, one particular day the onsite manager called with a 2 inch galv main leaking, signs were posted and we started to cut out and replace a section of pipe,we wraped up around 3:00 pm and started to leave when the manager came running after us that a first floor unit was flooding, up we ran to floor 2 the unit above, plaster ceiling on the floor we hoofed it up to floor 3 master key wouldnt work as all the tenants would screw i hole screws into the door and jambs and master lock the door in lieu of the door locks for extra security while they were out, so the super kicked in the door only to find another ceiling on the floor one more floor up we go and as we approach the unit the door is open and water is pouring out onto into the hallway the manager got inside the unit before we did and was screaming as we ran in we saw a baby crawling in the water, the kitchen sink old wall hung washboard style overflowing and the babys father on the couch with a needle sticking out of his arm totally gone, we had to restrain the supper and waited for the police. and as we left that day both of us knowing that the experience had no doubt changed us and we would view life a little more different. iam and sure a lot of you have seen the unbelievable for what you thought was just another day plumbing, but still you never know what lies behind the door that opens you to just another day in your book of life, and experience becomes the father of your soul the good, bad, or in this case the insane.

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    Re: one of the saddest things ive forgotten

    Thank You Aero,for sharing. I am so glad I never saw that one. You're a gifted writer,hope You share again
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .