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Bad product designs

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    Re: Bad product designs

    Originally posted by plumberjr View Post
    also i think its a sin for a plumber to say price pfister or glacier bay
    LOL! Ugh! I can't stand those two brands either.

    I forgot to mention American Standard's actuators. Those suck, too! - The Trusted Online Community For Homeowners and Contractors.

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      Re: Bad product designs

      Originally posted by HouseOfAtlas View Post
      We have a general drop head auger and couldn't get through, no matter how soft we turned the handle or how "precise" we were trying to get around the trap (probably something stuck in there, though). In my van, I have a K6, so maybe it's better
      The drop head auger is crap. Get the 6' regular one.
      Buy cheap, buy twice.


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        Re: Bad product designs

        Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
        The drop head auger is crap. Get the 6' regular one.
        We used to have that one but switched to the drop head because the regular one was old and finally fell apart I think (I don't remember, it was a while ago). We decided to get a drop head because it just seems logical that it might do a better job (but maybe not???)

        Maybe we should get the regular one and do a comparison and see which is better? - The Trusted Online Community For Homeowners and Contractors.

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          Re: Bad product designs

          well if you haven't heard me say it a dozen+ times.

          kohler sucks. my biggest complaint is their line of toilets and parts.

          don't get me started on their toilet flappers and ballcocks.

          how about those 1 pc. pressure flush toilets they recalled

          but of course their pop up tub stoppers with the big corkscrew spring is a joke. especially the one where the trip lever plate covers the screws once you install it. either you need to peel off the plate, pull the hinge pin or work a miracle with a screwdriver.

          truthfully price pfister is not bad. it's very common here as the factory is in the l.a. area.

          the biggest complaint was the "hydro seal" stems they came out with. now it's been replaced with ceramic. in fact a very cleaver design that's reversible hot or cold.

          price pfister is like general motors. you can get a standard trim level chevy or move up to the cadillac trim level.

          plus they answer their phones and send free replacement parts.

          phoebe it is


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            Re: Bad product designs

            You can't go to the wholesalers (at least around here) and get stems or parts for PP. About the only place you can walk in and get them is my old employer, which means I talk to 10 different people about how busy or not we all are and you know the drill. I know they sell a ton of those little ceramic stems for the two handle faucets. I probably should keep some on my truck, but I don't have that many customers that buy their own, and I always tell them to avoid those when they do. I'm with you all on Kohler, with the exception maybe of their basic (is it the Wellworth?) toilet. I like that one. The one piece silent flush was nice too.

            The one I hate is Zurn. Why put a copy of something else out? And if you are going to do that, at least make it work. I can't tell you how many times I've thrown Sloan parts into Zurn valves to get them to work.
            sigpic3:00, I mean 5:00, and work is done. Time to crack a cold one.


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              Re: Bad product designs

              i find a few points you make rather miscontrued, plumber jr.
              1. kohler associates don't speak english? the call center is located in wisconsin.
              2. when they answer the phone they say their name within their greeting
              3. there isn't such thing as a king george mixer cap