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K-50 drain cleaner-speed control?

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  • K-50 drain cleaner-speed control?

    Seems the K-50 runs too fast for a "good feel" with smaller cables. I emailed technicial same question. All my 5/16" cable has been kinked & long gone. Haven't tried 5/16 with inner-core. 3/8" is fair but still easily kinked. 5/8" is great but lower speeds would be nice with it at times too. Any thoughts? Thanks, Dennis.......

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    There are a few things that I would ensure are happening throughout the operation of this machine. 1. Make sure that the machine is as close to the drain opening as possible, thus reducing the amount of exposed cable. 2. I would also make sure that the brake on the cable canister is functioning properly. When the handle is pulled back the drum should stop immediately. You might want to consider the 5/16" cable, as this will be more of a stiff cable and might help prevent kinking. In a few months we are going to release a 3/8" version of this stiff cable as well. As far as the RPM of the machine is concerned, you might want to take a look at the K-40 machine. The k-40 spins at 240 RPM and uses both 5/16" and 3/8" cables. Here is a link.