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Another refused to pay, but better ending

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  • Another refused to pay, but better ending

    My partner and I did a repipe job in a condo unit. Had 7 boilers all feeding 6 to 8 units independantly. We repiped to a central location, tied them together with a staged primary/secondary piping. 5 zones, we combined two. That part of the piping we let the maintenance guy (supposedly a former pipefitter hah) do, which was our biggest mistake. We had to go back in and fix over a dozen of his leaks, and he replaced a bunch of pipes he didn't have to and wasn't in our instructions, so when he got to where he had to join two zones together he ran out of pipe. We reordered his pipe, charged him our cost. Billed an extra 1200 or so for the extra work we had to do fixing his leaks.

    Anyway, the association board balked at paying the extra. I'ld go talk to the maint chief, go over everything, would be assured the board approved and check was on the way. Then they started having a turnover on the board, and delays on the last $600 (the extra pipe) and several trips back to talk and go over it, more reassurances, etc etc etc. My boss was going wacko with the board on this. I knew the maint guy wasn't owning up to it being his fault but wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    When the whole board changed over to new people, they sent a letter to the state saying unliscensed people were doing the job and charging more than was quoted and a bunch of stuff I couldn't believe. All but one of the board signed the letter, and the maint guy signed it. That p******
    me off, I wrote him a two page letter detailing every disputed part of the job, then sent a copy to each member of the board. Today the president
    of the board called me to apologize. The pres and vp are coming to our shop this week to meet with us, with check for the full amount and an
    offer to write the state and city to apologize for the letter they sent. Turns out the maint guy was blaming us for the extra costs, and the
    board was believing him cause they never heard the other side.

    I was thrilled because I've always enjoyed working for these people in this complex. Hopefully they can his a** and hire someone more competant.

    It's all about communication. Yeah, I'm a happy guy right now having this work out.
    sigpic3:00, I mean 5:00, and work is done. Time to crack a cold one.

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    Re: Another refused to pay, but better ending

    I did a job for a school district after the State came in and destroyed all of their sprinklers/irrigation feeds when the widened the Street. The school paid me but the State would not reimburse the school. I had to meet a bunch of State Engineers on site and walk them through all of the stuff they had not anticipated in their road widening. The School received their money soon after.

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