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Gremlins are at it Again

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    Re: Gremlins are at it Again

    Originally posted by Herk View Post
    I worked on a WH today that was installed by the property owner. Usually, the property manager would send me to do it, but in this case the owner decided to do it himself. So it's been in for four years and there's water all over.

    They thought it was the relief valve, but that wasn't leaking. Good thing - it had a twisted, ancient garden hose stuck into it. What was leaking was the flexes - the guy had put teflon past on the dielectric nipples and screwed the brass nuts of the flexes down until he had pushed right through the gaskets and had metal-to-metal contact. I had to use pipe wrenches to get them off.

    I replaced the flexes after moving the heater close to the wall. He'd left it a foot away in a small furnace room. Then I ran copper down to the floor from the relief.

    Guess what? He didn't save any money in the long run.
    I replaced one today. It went out a week and a half ago, first he tried to change elements (electric) which he couldn't get out. Then he went and bought a new W/H to put in himself. The old had copper male adapters into the tank (no dielectrics), he put his wrench on the adapter and started turning it w/o cutting the copper. Yes he twisted it pretty good.
    Then he called someone from his congregation I guess, who turned out to be my bosses uncle My boss will get a kick out of the twisted copper.
    sigpic3:00, I mean 5:00, and work is done. Time to crack a cold one.


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      Re: Gremlins are at it Again

      That's incredible. If there was a tax on stupid, there'd be a lot higher poverty levels.