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Secret Roundup Video - 5 man drain job

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    Re: Secret Roundup Video - 5 man drain job

    "returned the k-50 to the school house and signed the board."

    Rick, how did you end up using the school's K-50?

    There was someone in attendance who works for the school is my guess.
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      Re: Secret Roundup Video - 5 man drain job

      bob, the school is actually the "ridgid school house"

      this is where every tool ever made is on display and there for use.

      it's just that it was late at night that made it a challenge to get to.

      josh is a big man on campus, but the sheriff is not always aware of this

      actually a company van full of excited plumbers was all it took to sweet talk our way in

      we actually brought it back that night and signed the dry erase board to let them know "kilroy was here"

      phoebe it is