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A 1910 pipe freezing machine,

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  • A 1910 pipe freezing machine,

    I found this when looking at some old books and thought some may find it of interest,

    Mending Pipes with Water On

    Many farmers have had trouble in repairing pipes where the water could not be shut off conveniently. A lead pipe which has been cut off accidentally in making an excavation, for instance, may be repaired by the following plan: The two ends of the pipe are plugged, and then a small pile of broken ice and salt are placed around them; in five minutes the water in the pipe will be frozen, the

    plugs removed, a short piece of pipe may then be inserted and perfectly soldered. In five minutes the ice in the pipes may be thawed and the water set to flowing freely again.

    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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    Re: A 1910 pipe freezing machine,

    bhd, amazing site you posted.

    now another 2 hours reading all this stuff

    actually we can use dry ice/ c02 now.

    i wish you posted this 15 years ago before i plopped down good money for nothing more than ice cubes

    but then again without it, how would i have made my milk shake

    always fun to read your post

    phoebe it is


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      Re: A 1910 pipe freezing machine,

      I thought it was done by making wooden boxes with slots in the pipe, then filling them with dry ice, then pouring ammonia over the batch. Something like that, anyway. Never did it myself.


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        Re: A 1910 pipe freezing machine,

        I used to use a fire extinguisher!!!