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  • Body Sprays

    Has anyone had any experience running three moen body sprays off one standard Moentrol valve? I have a homeowner who wants to do this but I am not sure it will work.

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    Re: Body Sprays

    What are the GPM comparisons.All of the shower assemblies I have done have had three or more.
    That does not mean I think it will work with your combimation.You need your spec's.Or someone here that's ran the exact combination,pipe size and pressure.
    Wish I could be more help.


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      Re: Body Sprays

      Are the inlet ports for the valve 3/4"?

      We just did a bathroom that had 3/4" ports on all the valves and there was plenty of pressure for 4 body sprays and two shower heads all at once! We had a flow control valve that Moen offers, basically like a shut off valve, for each one. This way, you could turn each one on or off when you want (except the 4 body sprays were either all on or all off). It worked out pretty well! I should take pictures when we go back, which should be soon. - The Trusted Online Community For Homeowners and Contractors.

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