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Securing existing WH in tight space

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  • Securing existing WH in tight space

    In California....
    This is a 40 gal short & wide. It's located in a kitchen cabinet with about a 1 inch clearance on any side. I'd hate to have to drian and remove the WH to secure. There is prob only about an 1/8 of an inch clearance at the face of the cabinet. Can L brackets be used attached directly to the WH & wall?

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    Re: Securing existing WH in tight space

    yes you can jeff,
    but it's not to code, you have to drain wtr/htr pull and install earthquake straps to code,
    they found out during the 1994 northridge quake that the nipples would shear off at the brackets,
    i know in your case this probably would not happen i am just telling you what the code is,
    SINCE JAN. 1989


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      Securing water heater

      That's what I held to be true also. My Customer recieved a notice that stated that the WH had to be secured by Strap or Bracket or a combination of both. I did not see the letter myself, but if strap is code then why allow bracket? Just so I know we're on the same page, I'm talking simple L brackets that would screw into the outer skin of the water heater and then to the wall. Jeez, the earthquake that would rock this water heater in it's location would prob level the condo also!

      Obviously, I'll have to check out the notice first hand!


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        Re: Securing existing WH in tight space

        Glad I am in Ohio dont have to mess with that earthquake stuff.


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          Re: Securing existing WH in tight space

          In general here in CA the strap has to be approved by the California State Architect. Thin plumber's tape is NOT approved. When you buy a strap kit, the seal of the state is embossed on it. I think I would contact the local inspector to see what he will approve.


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            Re: Securing existing WH in tight space

            Yes, I agree with contacting the inspector(s). I'm trying to get a hold of the notice letter. Thanks folks!


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              Re: Securing existing WH in tight space

              i can speak of first hand experience

              back before the 93 northridge quake, we had a decent quake hit in whitter, ca.

              i was working a 400 unit apartment complex about 25 miles away.

              we were in the process of installing the 400- 40 gallon gas heaters.

              all the heaters we had installed so far were with copper flex connectors and metal plate straps secured to the top shell of the heaters.

              well the quake jarred the heaters and yanked the sheet metal screws out of the top of the shell.

              lesson learned. the strap that is approved is designed to secure the heater around the entire shell at the upper and lower 1/3.

              my strap of choice is a "holdright" qs 50 or qs 50 deluxe.

              the heater will need to be yanked to allow the straps lag bolts to hit the studs. also the heater needs to be pushed all the way against the wall.

              plumbers tape use to be approved prior to the 93 quake.

              phoebe it is