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Hospital Nightmare part 2

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    Re: Hospital Nightmare part 2

    Big Jim - APHCO, outstanding advice.
    I really hope you both plan to stick around, this thread gave me some hope for this forum.


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      Re: Hospital Nightmare part 2

      Ignorant to these valves, so let us know how it goes. One thing I will say is that when I've worked on older valves a small battery impact driver has often saved the day removing locked screws. Good luck!



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        Re: Hospital Nightmare part 2

        Big Jim: Good points. Apparently the water quality is the big difference between yours and mine opinions of these valves.

        We have never had a screw break although sometimes steady pressure on a large screwdriver is needed to remove them. That's why I always grease the screws upon reassembly. I would never use an impact wrench, especially in a hospital. You can't tell what else would be shaking while using it.

        The valves we work on are usually over 40 years old and are still rebuildable.

        If I were Okie Bill I would have a contract with the customer that stated that they will be rebuilt where possible. If broken screws or stripped threads occur you have an out and can do a replacement. That way the customer knows that you are not just trying to do the larger more costly job but are trying to stick to some sort of budget.

        Your profit margin on these repairs should be the same as if you were doing the replacement.
        Also keep in mind that replaceing these valves would not necessarily be a picnic.


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          Re: Hospital Nightmare part 2

          The first Update

          The first round of rebuilds went very well... I did not get enough parts

          The 7300 is rebuilding very well. I had a few stops that were not working but was able to do them with the water flowing.

          When is the last time you saw a rope packed shower valve?

          The best part is that Kohler just got back to me today (a week later ).



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            Re: Hospital Nightmare part 2

            Have fun!
            Kenneth Collier
            Maintenance and Sewer

            P.O. Box 9441
            Jackson, MS 39206
            (601) 613-2678 (Cell)


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              Re: Hospital Nightmare part 2

              Glad to hear it is going good.

              Did you buy the spanner wrench to remove the nut that holds in the stem? Also buy a short stem and a long stem. You may never need either one on this job but they are hard to obtain when you need it in a hurry.

              Good pictures also. I hope that is not teflon tape on the picture of the seat.

              Who did you buy the parts from?


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                Re: Hospital Nightmare part 2

                APHCO, I did buy the valve yolk wrench. The seat in the pic is one that I pulled out ( the pic was to show the bad seat face).

                Some of the valves I opened had one sometimes both seats replaced The newer seats are chrome.. ( 11/16 socket w/ extension worked without even grinding it down)

                I bought all of the parts online from