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Demise of the Plumbing Industry?

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    Re: Demise of the Plumbing Industry?

    Originally posted by DuckButter View Post
    He's been very busy, still hops into the pro forum on occasion.
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      Re: Demise of the Plumbing Industry?

      I understand the point you're making Utah.

      I think a large part of the blame should go to mans greed.

      Greed being, get the job done quicker, get more jobs done. Less skill involved equals less paid for labor.

      Manufactures just want to make something easy to use or install just to make more money. Not make a longer lasting product. The only advances on faucets are thinner materials and easier installation. Nobody wants to build a long lasting faucet. Selling cartridges is easy and profitable.

      Money is the issue. Everyone loves it. It defines us, as such, some will sell out their standards for it.

      A few posts ago I mentioned my dilemma on time. Even though I done the job correctly, I ended up the bad guy. Why, time is money.

      When I start talking about doing a job right I get nothing but eyes rolling back in the head. Code, we don't need no stinkin code. Or as I was once told by a old master plumber, "code is just a guide for how things should go."

      Look at the discussion on drain cleaning. It's all about speed, how many jobs you can do a day.
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