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Water Conditioners Vs Water Softeners

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  • Water Conditioners Vs Water Softeners

    Any one had any experience with elctro / magnetic water conditioners, do they really work? Have been asked to install 4 for a client in a hard water area due to the maintenance required on softeners not getting done properly and the location is about 700km from the nearest plumber
    (Me!) to do repairs/servicing. Any input apreciated.


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    Re: Water Conditioners Vs Water Softeners

    I contacted a manufacture of a water conditioning system. They sell the type of system I think your talking about. It uses a type of magnet or frequencies and is suppose to change the the way the molecules align themselves.

    I identified myself as a plumber and began asking them some questions about their system with interest in selling an installing their product. When I would ask her a question I would get vague answers. Then I asked how they handle the warranty. WHOP! RED FLAG! She said that they would NOT honor any warranty of their product that I installed because they have no control over what I would tell the customer in terms of performance.

    I asked if the product does what it says why can't you honor the warranty? All she did was stutter around and try to throw me off track. Bottom line was she admitted that it does not remove Iron and might not remove other properties.

    Ask some boiler guys what they think about magnets and frequencies and you will get a earful.

    Another question you should ask yourself is why isn't the big name water treatment companies such as Culligan and Kinetico selling magic water conditioners? Because they don't work. I have been numerous peoples houses that complain about them, then I sell them a softener.

    The other issue is testing. I won't bore you with this. In short you can't prove it is working. It does not remove anything.

    Here is a link on testing of these type of systems.

    Don't waste your time with magnets and frequencies. It's junk science.
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      Re: Water Conditioners Vs Water Softeners

      Yeah, I know what you mean all the websites have blurbs and testimonials on how good they are (not may from plumbers that i have seen!) and are not really sold by plumbing trade outlets more hardware or agents over here who don't really know much about plumbing, i have seen a couple around but never really knew first hand if they worked or not am a bit skeptical, would be great if they did work as not many people want to outlay for a water softner and keep up the regular maintenance of it, assume they would rather be replacing their HWS and evap cooler pads quicker


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        Re: Water Conditioners Vs Water Softeners

        Dam, nearly 435 miles to the nearest plumber?
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          Re: Water Conditioners Vs Water Softeners

          Aaron, the magnet conditioners are a huge scam. They do nothing. For a magnet to be strong enough to remove iron in solution it would have to be huge so huge it would take up the whole basement, even then it probably wouldn't work. Stick with basic know technology.


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            Re: Water Conditioners Vs Water Softeners

            This is off Zeta Rod's Technology Page. If you can decipher it, let me know cause it all sounds like smoke and mirrors to me. Btw, this same topic is on 3 other forums so I believe there might be a bit o spamming here as well.

            Zeta Rod systems patented capacitor-based technology electronically disperses bacteria and mineral colloids in aqueous systems, eliminating biofouling and scale formation without the use of additive chemicals.
            Zeta Rod systems designed specifically for residential applications consist of a ceramic electrode energized by a power supply that converts 12 volts DC to 30,000 volts DC. When the Zeta Rod and chamber are plumbed into the incoming water piping, the rod and grounding surfaces provided by the pipes and chamber form the parameters for the capacitor. A 12 volt power adapter plug converts household AC power to 12 volts DC and plugs into the power supply.
            Bacteria and scale forming colloids in the water are included as components of the capacitor and receive a strong boost to their natural surface charge. Having become elevated in charge, the particles repel one another and remain in stable suspension, rather than uniting to form scale or colonizing to form biofilm or other system fouling. Bacteria are unable to attach, absorb nutrition or replicate into colonies. Existing biofilm hydrates excessively, loses bonding strength and disperses. Biofilm, bio-corrosion and scale formation are arrested.

            © 2006 ZETA CORPORATION, all rights reserved
            ZETA ROD ® is a registered trademark of Zeta Corporation. Zeta Rod technology is protected by US PATENT NUMBER 5591317. Other US and international trademarks and patents granted or pending.
            Information presented within this website is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. Zeta Corporation makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

            zeta technology

            Electricity 101, a capacitor stores electricity and later discharges it. Where does this Zeta rod do that?


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              Re: Water Conditioners Vs Water Softeners

              Thanks for the info, i have'nt and won't recomend these type of products as i am not convinced they work, however most customerers will only ever look at the price as the deciding factor and are the ones who come to me wanting them installed so as oposed to installing a softener the conditioners can be $1000-$1500 cheaper (and self installed) as well as not needing the regular upkeep, i do advise them that i dont recomend them but it is their decision, like i said before i will be going back sooner rather than later to fix up problems caused by the hard water. So far i have installed 0 of these in 9yrs of being in business where i am. But is always good to get other "experts" opinions on this type of thing.




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                Re: Water Conditioners Vs Water Softeners

                Good for you.

                Did you read their NO WARRANTY WARRANTY?
                What's up with that? Why bother?

                I have an open invitation for Mr Romo to send me his product for testing and analysis. My lab is well equipped to run any tests that he may want as well as a few that I'd like to run. I offered to post the results with no bias whatsoever. Hell if the thing actually works I'm the first guy that will be impressed. Like I've said many times before, I've made a career out of being wrong. But I don't think I am this time. As of yet, the phone remains silent.