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  • Tie and Shirt "Contractors"

    I hate these greaseballs!!! I get a contractor today telling me that I dont know how to do my job!!! I look at him with his $500 shoes, $2000 watch, pinkie ring and slacks and tell it like it is..... My job is to protect the client from greaseballs like this guy. He wanted to charge the client for rock removal, the extra was something like 20k, I told him I would meet him out there this morning to look at the rock. He has a mini excavator out there with his illegal immigrant "operator" telling me that since this machine "cant" remove the "rock" it must be hammered with a bigger machine at an extra cost. Now this is a 2 acre site development, he had larger machines on the job that I know would have ripped the rock. I dont mind approving legitimate extras but these guys that try to pull a fast one with their masters degrees in construction managment and money from "investors," get your hands dirty, put a little sweat equity in your job and Ill respect you, you come at me like a know it all grease ball, ill make that job hell for you.

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    Re: Tie and Shirt "Contractors"

    I never understand why some people just don't understand that there is certain people you just should not piss off.

    I had a young "supervisor" run his mouth to a state inspector and boy did he ever make his life hell. If a catch basin or sub grade was out of tolerance even 1/8" he'd make him do it over.

    Never PO the waitress or the person making your food.

    NEVER PO the secretary. They hold more power then the owner.
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      Re: Tie and Shirt "Contractors"

      Then there's the kid right out of school telling the site contractor with 30+ years experience that he's putting the seepage pit in wrong. Book smart, real world stupid.

      Fortunately we were able to provide an alabi for the operator....


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        Re: Tie and Shirt "Contractors"

        Said before, I'll say it again.

        I personally think anyone in a management capacity in construction should have some form of apprenticeship or internship under their belt where they get hands on experience.

        It would certainly weed out anyone with a fly by night, get rich quick mentality.
        It would also serve to teach a level of respect to anyone who otherwise would view things oversimplistically.

        Wrench, the more I get to know you, the more I respect about you...despite any differences.


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          Re: Tie and Shirt "Contractors"

          I've often said that engineers should spend a min. of 2 years in the ditch after the classroom and before grad.