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    Long-time listener, first time poster. Just thought I would say Hello to all of the other forum members and introduce myself. I have been working in the Defiance, OH area for about 3 years on my own. Sometimes I wonder if the road is really worth it, and sometimes it seems like it is the yellow-brick road. How do some of you guys cope with the hassles and headaches that come with being an owner and not want to go back to just an hourly wage, punch out at 5, and leave all the worries there.
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    Re: Hello

    I ask myself the same thing on occasion, and the reality of it is, I am not sure I could go back to work for someone else and work their hours, have to explain that on next Tuesday I'm not going to start until 10, because I am going to go read stories at my daughter's preschool class(or whatever the situation is.) It does sure seem much easier to just collect a paycheck, but as tough as working for myself is, each time I always come back to the rewards of being self employed outweigh the headaches, stress, long hours etc. Then again, I stressed about work even working for someone else...Racquetball helps relieve stress, is good exercise and is pretty darn fun, I try to play 2x a week.

    Welcome to the Forum.


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      Re: Hello

      Yea, I guess I would probably not make a very good employee anymore. I can imagine a boss would not look very kindly on those days I needed to completely take off to do something with the family, or the days I needed to take off early to take my daughter to gymnastics.


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        Re: Hello

        welcome plumbing 101

        lots of local ohio guys on the forum

        looks like a roundup with lots of locals next year.

        sure working for yourself is not like working for a company and checking out.

        but then again in time you can pick and choose your jobs, hours, and scope of work.

        if it was easy, everyone would be doing it

        join the fun.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Hello

          My boss is a slavedriver, no days off, long hours, on call 24/7.....

          Wait a minute...I'm the boss

          I'm very fortunate, I love what I do, and I love where I do it. I live in a small mountain town pop. about 2500. I run into customers everyday in town...gas station, post office, grocery store... If you've been watching the forum for awhile, you'll see that most on here are very dedicated to the trade and good at what they do. Welcome to the forum, there's alot of good people here.
          The Other Rick


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            Re: Hello


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              Re: Hello

              Welcome to the forum. Nice to have another local guy on.



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                Re: Hello

                Welcome to the site.

                "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

                I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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                  Re: Hello

                  Welcome fellow Ohio plumber
                  Being your own boss has its ups and downs . You are still at the mercy of your customers but like they said you can pick and chose who you want to work for and what type of work you want to do. Make your own hours even if that is 24 / 7. Plus if you dont make it on your own you can gain some skills and experience that will alow you to go back to work for someone else if you ever have to.
                  In this day and age with construction being the way it is . I am sure the hourly employee goes home with as many worries and headaches as the owner of the business .


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                    Re: Hello

                    Originally posted by plumbing101
                    How do some of you guys cope with the hassles and headaches that come with being an owner and not want to go back to just an hourly wage, punch out at 5, and leave all the worries there.
                    In my last job, I was developing a migraine every day within two hours of getting to work.

                    I don't play well with others. I do fine with customers, but have a hard time bowing to authority of any kind, particularly when they've got a 40 IQ. I'd had some kind of illness resulting from employment in a couple of jobs before I went on my own.

                    After 32 years in it for myself, I've never had anything like that again.

                    In one of those early jobs, I had a compatriot who was about the age I am now and he reminisced about some of his early days working in the trade. Once, he said, he had been working on tract houses. He went into one and started pulling wrenches out of his toolbox getting ready to finish hooking up fixtures. This was in the galvanized pipe days.

                    The general contractor came and started telling him how to do something. He calmly started putting his tools back into his toolbox and walked out. The guy said to him as he was leaving, "Where you going?"

                    He said, "I was looking for work when I found this job."

                    From this story, I realized that being able to walk out when things start going awry is a very healthy thing. With a regular job, you leave and you may not get another. In your own business, you can say no; you can leave and go to the next one if someone starts getting in your face. I think that's why I do better on my own.

                    I have had employees, and I think that knowing how I feel about being bossed made me a good boss.