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    Okay guys i need some input. Seems that here lately i have spent alot of time on the phone with people trying to sell me online advertising. I've talked to service majic (lead generation is questionable),,,,, the list goes on and on. Does any of it work to generate revenue?? I know that word of mouth is the best and so much advertising is just exposure not really to generate revenue, but i am interested to know if any of these have worked for you and/or do you have any advice?

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    Re: Advertising

    i live in a very small market and was hit up several times abiyt on anvertising. i asked for a guarantee and was laughed at. i asked them not to call back. way too much $$ out for the return, IMHO.

    BTW i do advertise in the local papaer, in the yellow pages (book NOT online) and have a TV ad. as soon as i get a copy i'll post it.

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      Re: Advertising

      I use and I have been quite pleased so far. It is not much to get involved and the leads are cheap. I have a 5 star rating with them and have landed nearly all the leads so far.

      No more than 10 minutes ago I said to my wife "this Service Magic thing is really working out" because I just returned a call from them.

      Sometimes people will inquire just to kick the tires but for the most part they will call you back. My first job paid for a years worth of leads with them.

      Do a search on this subject here on the forum. Not everyone has had great experiences with them here. I guess it really depends on where you are. I have 3 calls scheduled this week from Service Magic leads.

      I also use a company called Local Pull. They are a company that makes sure you pop up in Google and Yahoo maps at the top of any business search in your area. It cost like 350 or something but for me to be the first one to pop up when searched for in my surrounding area it is worth it.

      I just signed with them last week. They give you a bunch of words to use as keywords. Such as....sewer, septic, drain, rodding, plumbing, sump pump, etc.......

      In my area everyone seems to refer to the net for in home services. It is important to me as I am a fairly new business.

      Good luck!


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        Re: Advertising

        I'd use EXTREME caution with Service Magic.

        They sell you on internet advertizing, by promoting your copmpany name on the major search engines and directories.

        What they skim over is the fact that THEIR phone number is listed with YOUR name.

        If you don't want their service on, they refer YOUR calls to the other companies in your area that have their service on.

        In other words, if your regular customer looks you up online, they get referred to your competition if you don't have the service on.

        I know of several companies that are seeking legal action relative to cybersquatting.

        After the fact, it takes months to remove search engine listings if you opt out...all the while your regular customers looking online are sent elsewhere.

        They also are the same company as Lending Tree, they promote their service as allowing customers to pit contractors against eachother for price.

        Homeowners are groomed to expect cheap, fast & quality before you get a chance to speak with them.

        You may find yourself bidding against three other plumbers for a toilet flapper, at a cost to you for the initial lead.