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Massive PVC Failure

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    Re: Massive PVC Failure

    Here's a follow-up to this situation.....and many will find this interesting.

    The fellow who did this job told me that the preheater for the dishtank, the solenoids were sticking and heating the water to over 200 degrees, the T&P would blow off at night and run that extremely hot water through it.

    Of course, when the kitchen opened up and the 3 bay sinks would be in operation, that constant extreme hot and then cold water would literally cause the piping to contract and expand excessively.

    He called Charlotte plastics regarding the matter and they stated that their piping should easily handle 140 degree temperatures with no problem.

    Bottom line however, the situation still was the same with the piping destroyed, just a clearer view of why the piping failed.

    Lack of maintenance on the dishtank setup causing solenoids to stick and heat that water beyond its high temperature limit switch. Another example of thankfully a T&P doing its job in a malfunctioning situation.
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