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Calling all Licensed Plumbers

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    Re: Calling all Licensed Plumbers

    Originally posted by PlumbingSkool View Post
    We all can do that BY agreeing not to use PEX , and keep the skilled piping in the trade like copper

    Just my thoughts

    Ya know, I'm one of the more hard core copper users as a plumber and I'd like to see that happen,

    but even I with my bias know that the profession is taking a dump with this product, and as long as homebuilders and GC's are spec'ng this product out for homes to save a buck, it's here to stay.

    This will be another product that I'd probably say I'd connect with a sharkbite before buying a crimping tool to make that connection....and definitely using copper because it's tried and true.

    Copper didn't have problems until water treatment plants started messing with ph levels in the water. They "could" control it but at the price of millions.

    Why not just pass the buck onto the consumer, we've seen it for lifetimes.

    The best I can say is that all these products will be dealt with on a service perspective and depending on the task at hand will dictate how expensive it all becomes.

    Go to ebay and look at how many pex crimping tools are for sale right now, unbelievable.

    Homeowners doing their jobs to save a buck, putting the tool up for sale when they're done.

    What's awesome is those tools lose calibration sometimes sooner than later and those issues don't present themselves for years sometimes.

    Ahhhhhhhhhyep! Job Security
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      Re: Calling all Licensed Plumbers

      I'll give it a shot but this avatar thing may be more confusing than helpful.


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        Re: Calling all Licensed Plumbers

        Not the most flattering portrait of a plumber. I don't look like that when I go to work. Jeans and polos
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          Re: Calling all Licensed Plumbers

          Dang! I picked the wrong year to quit wearing bibb overalls . . .


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            Re: Calling all Licensed Plumbers

            Originally posted by Herk View Post
            Dang! I picked the wrong year to quit wearing bibb overalls . . .
            I thought you were going to quit sniffing glue this year?


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              Re: Calling all Licensed Plumbers

              hey ya'll. been busy as hell, just finished my house this month, lotta work by yourself, i think that we all need to be under 1 code, a national data base for liscenses, for us that work in different states, it would be a lot cheaper, than having to pay for 3 licenses every year, at a hundred a pop it can be expensive.
              also having to go to mandatory continue ed's. thats a ***** when your in colorado,
              and gotta zip over to texas. to eat donuts, and bs for 8 hours.
              and as far as pex goes. just give it time boys, remember poly pipe?
              pex is gonna do the same thing, FAIL.. then we will be back to running copper,
              like god intended us to do. and all the little pex [plumbers?] , that don't know how to solider. will make our salaries go up. cause we will be a rare bread.
              these are just addle ramblings of a overworked, stressed out,grouchy old fart plumber
              i remember when i was a cub, they introduced abs pipe. man the old plumbers back then went beserk, hell no i ain't putten that sh(t. you might as well give a hacksaw to a monkey, cause thats all it takes. you gotta fire me! i ain't putten it in!
              that stuff will never last, castiron will be around fore ever.
              and the same thing happened , with the hub gaskets. i thought my plumber.
              a preacher called c.t. meyers was gonna have a heart attack...
              he actually got sick...
              I like it like that !
              and, It's like that now!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                Re: Calling all Licensed Plumbers

                I think that it is necessary to post your license number on trucks , letterhead , and advertising for good reasons, but license numbers on the web leaves me with an uneasy feeling for some reason, and being an experienced plumber I always go with my gut. Keith
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                  Re: Calling all Licensed Plumbers

                  I get the sentiment NH but don't think I'll put your Avy up. No offense.

                  As someone stated, if everyone really wants to "protect" their trade for the longterm, refuse to put in any piping that can be easily repaired and get sharkbites outlawed.



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                    Re: Calling all Licensed Plumbers

                    Downloaded the image...looked in my edit section, then it suddenly occured to me..Devine has this avitar.
                    That fact certainly doesn't reinforce the trade at all.

                    What reinforces the trade is unity, standing by our livelyhood with the belief that we are more than glorified handymen.

                    We can stand around and blame plumbing boards, the PHCC, or politicians all we want.

                    In the end, complacency is whats killing us.