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heating oil tanks

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  • heating oil tanks

    do any of you guys know if it's possible to buy oil tanks with the bung or supply outlet located on the bottom of the tank?

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    Re: heating oil tanks

    I assume you mean the tapping where the oil comes out, not goes in? Anyhoooo, the tanks I get from FW Webb are bottom tapped, 1/2" npt. I believe in your neck o the woods the tanks are Canadian? We import them here also and I believe they are end tapped.


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      Re: heating oil tanks

      If it is a clean new tank take to a welding shop and have a new bung welded into it any were you want it, or just talk to a welding/fabricating shop and see what it would cost to have a "custom" made tank,

      A lot of the smaller one man shops make fuel tanks for pickups a lot around here,

      (my son was welding up new fuel tanks a few days ago at the shop he got his winter job in, it is a big fabricating shop),

      My son in law has a custom made fuel tank on his jeep, and it started to leak took it to the welding shop and they cut the bottom off and welded on a new bottom for him, and that was gasoline, (I won't weld on a gasoline tank), but diesel is not as bad, and a new one no problems as there should not be any fumes in side it to support combustion.


      turn the tank upside down,
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