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Back Problems - toilet jack?

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    Re: Back Problems - toilet jack?

    Originally posted by SlimTim View Post
    For me it is not the back, it's the knees. I put in a lot of Kohler Cimarron one-piece toilets by holding them to my chest with the tank draped over one shoulder. They are balanced well and I can even go up the stairs with them. But afterwards my knees give me hell.

    And I agree, the hard part is centering the toilet over the flange and bolts. I put a piece of 3/8 lav supply over the bolts. It helps me line things up and then I just pull them out.
    Good tip on the lav supply.


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      Re: Back Problems - toilet jack?

      I find a straw from a malt (cut into two pieces) is the perfect guide for aligning the toilet


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        Re: Back Problems - toilet jack?

        I dunno... I guess I'm lucky as I don't really have the pain problem. I generally straddle them, grab either side of the bowl just in front of the tank, straighten back, then pull them up and do the toilet waddle out of the bathroom to where I have enough room to pull them up to my chest and out from between my legs. Lord do I hate 24" bathroom doors... oughta be a law.
        This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.


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          Re: Back Problems - toilet jack?

          Most of the time I break them down. Rather not have the extra weight, water, & awkwardness.

          A large contractor garbage bag works real well if you have to remove it to somewhere else. Tilt and tuck under. You can envelope the whole bowl. No water or accidental wax on anything.