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Talked to an Inspector the other day

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  • Talked to an Inspector the other day

    So I'm taking a hydronic heating design course on weekends for about 6 weeks and the guy who sits beside me is a City of North Vancouver inspector, as they do refresher type stuff as well as some Cities inspect hydronic installations (they basically just make sure your heating calculations match what's installed roughly). He was telling me a few stories about how the city gets sued quite regularly. Here's one he told me:

    One House a now retired inspector, inspected a few years back, well when they do the plumbing final (new construction) they always turn the hot lever on and if it's hot it passes - they don't usually check for cold. Well a contractor who built this house, lived in it for a few years, and before selling it he sued the city. BAsically he had a 4 piece bathroom and the plumber installed 2 hots to this bathtub instead of a hot and a cold. So there is a scalding issue there. Apparently they settled outside of court. But unbelievelable.

    He said he could tell me lots more stories if I had some free time. I wonder what it would be like to be an inspector sometimes. Almost like the Priest in the confessional type stuff....

    Any interesting stories you've heard of or that an inspector has told you?

    I'll give you another one. Where I live, it is sort of an unwritten rule that you are only allowed 1 ABS to PVC transition PER HOUSE/INSTALLATION. This rule applies to basically the Greater Vancouver area, again in an unwritten fashion. Basically what happened is apparently some hack some years back had a bunch of left over ABS and PVC drainage pipe and fittings from previous jobs and decided that this was the house he was going to get rid of all the ends and short pieces. What ended up happening was this guy had this hack show of ABS to PVC transitions, many of which leaked because the guy didn't pay attention to properly gluing them (I think he might have even forgot to use primer on the PVC) and subsequently he failed the inspection.

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    Re: Talked to an Inspector the other day

    I can't think of any stories right now but here we cannot glue PVC to ABS with any glue/adhesive.