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  • Mythbusters

    Exploding water heater was on last night!! That explosion is really, really cool!! They should have that episode run in a loop at homedepot right next to the water heaters so that some people have an idea of just how dangerous those things are!

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    Re: Mythbusters

    What? You can't just plug the T & P port?


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      Re: Mythbusters

      Only if it drips


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        Mythbusters - Water Heater Explosions

        NOTE: Watch the sound levels. Some are low and some are LOUD. Be careful

        Several attempts: #1 only splits open but #2 goes KABOOM #3 takes off like a rocket through the roof of the little shack/house. HEAD THE WARNINGS

        Video 3 is a shorter version


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          Re: Mythbusters

          A buddy of mine has this hour glass campfire type wood stove made of heavy duty cast iron at his house. I can remember many a time that we would sit in front if it and BS. Anyways down near the fire about 2 feet is a steel grate right above the fire. So he says what they have done a few times is they'll drop a can of soup in there which then sits on the grate above the fire. And then all of a sudden after about 20-40 minutes it will literally take off. I guess what happens is the soup can heats up and becomes seriously pressurized. Eventually the fire burns a molten hole into the bottom of the soup can and the thing takes off straight up like a rocket. He says they have yet to find any of the soup cans and he says they go several hundred feet in the air at least and since this usually happens at night they don't see where they go.