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Copper versus PLastic - water tank failure rate?

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  • Copper versus PLastic - water tank failure rate?

    JC's post in the piping forum brought up an interesting thought.

    The just of hot water tanks from the older/wiser/experienced individuals I talk to in our trade that I work with and/or simple owners is that older hot water tanks tend to be built like brick sh*thouses while now a days you're lucky to get the warranty period out of a hot water tank.

    Therefore - is there any correlation between the prevalence of plastic water piping that many of us now use today, compared to the standard Copper of yester year? I'm wondering if the more Oxygen permeation we have (or potential), the more potential chance you could see a HWT failure? Obviously oxygen introduction is a fact of life in a potable system due to constant new water being introduced unlike hydronic heating systems, but is the additional O2 infiltration through permeation in plastic water pipes enough to make a significant difference (talking years here) in the life of hot water tanks, in comparision to Copper water lines, or do they just build Hot water tanks crappier than the olden days?


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    Re: Copper versus PLastic - water tank failure rate?

    they just build hot water tanks crappier than the olden days

    remember for every dollar they save, it could mean hundreds of thousands in extra profits.

    plus selling a heater every 6 years is better for them than every 20+ years like my 20 year old 40 gallon state heater is.

    my buddy just removed his parents copper heater that was either 40 or 60 years old. infact they use to make a monel heater too.

    phoebe it is