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  • American Standard R540

    Replacing my buddy's diverter for his new whirlpool.

    We both always try sourcing materials, etc. utilizing alternative purchase options.

    He got a great deal on his AS Lifetime Bone colored tub From HD.

    AS would not even let my supply house rep. order the Lifetime tub in Bone.

    They will sell the White Lifetime tub to a plumbing wholesaler, but the Bone colored is exclusively sold at HD.

    Actually they have the same tub - called a different name - Evolution - with like a $400 List Price increase available in Bone to be order through a supply house.

    I was pissed & it took about 3 hrs. to talk to someone when I called AS 3 times about the issue, & the fact that a special brass drain must be purchased for the tub w/ mechanical joints - no options.

    Around here they want access covers using mechanical joints.

    Plus I really don't have they time or patients to come repair it when it starts to drip in the future.

    We always try to use solvent welded fittings in an enclosed area - either PVC tip toes or nice cable drains.

    Anyway - I got a price from my buddies for an AS R540 Thermostatic/Volume Control - $250 - not bad.

    I found 1 on eBAY delivered to my home in 3 days for $200 even.

    I do a little buying/selling on eBAY (tools, fittings, etc.) & I was amazed.

    My buddy (works as an IT guy at IBM - & driving me crazy w/ his bathroom) ordered the valve & below is what we got (pics from eBAY listing).

    I had viewed the schematic of the R540 on the AS website after he decided to buy it & get a matching trim.

    I already had all the copper layout pictured in my mind installed in the wall - looking awesome.

    I saw the valve & was like ?????

    I said hey, maybe you got the new AS model & it is compatible w/ his Town Hall trim set.

    He checked it out & said it would not work - I believe him.

    I sent him to 1 of my other guys this morning (a big AS selling plumbing supply) to get the real R540 valve - & he gave it to me for $220.

    Thank God for Plumbing Supplys' being open on Saturday - & actually having what you need - what they should always have on the shelf - no matter what.

    We do a ton of diverters, body spray set ups, rainheads, etc.

    We use Moen for just basic stuff.

    Our customers use a lot of Kohler, Symmons, Ondine, Rohl, etc. - nice stuff

    I've never seen this valve - & it is nowhere on the AS website - pain in the *** to find stuff.

    I'm sure you guys are saying - what's wrong w/ this kid - he should know what it is.....

    But if I could figure it out - I wouldn't ask for help w/ this mystery.

    Searched a whole bunch of Manufacturers w/ no luck.

    Thnx & Take Care,
    Eric M. Wagner
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    Re: American Standard R540

    Looks like the American Standard line called Porcher


    Good Luck


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      Re: American Standard R540

      Thank you Sir.

      Forgot AS owns those other companies now - Jado, etc.

      Either way, the guy who sold my buddy the valve, fraudulently listed it on eBAY as AS R540, so my buddy will return it & hopefully recover the shipping fees.

      Now I have the pdf showing the valve & it's correct model # & Manufacturer/Name of Brand.

      I knew this was a question for the pros on this site.

      This is 1 of the most valuable resources on the Internet I have ever found - Plumbing wise.

      Thanks Again & Take Care,
      Eric M. Wagner