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  • Internal Bowl Cleaner

    Have you all seen that product Billy Mays is selling lately?

    It directly connects to the fill line to the overflow, clips on the tank back wall and then enters the overflow.

    It's been around for awhile but I just watched the promo on tv and viewed the website that goes into detail.

    I'd link it but I don't want to give this guy anymore stardom than he already has, and heck this guy is selling health insurance now for some company. Talk about crazy listening to him yelling about health care is something else.

    Anyway, I'm sure this device has no internal check valve to prevent a reversal of flow as we know most if not all fill valves say anti-siphon but in failure mode, don't protect.

    But in the idea of keeping the internals from getting damaged, I see this as a good idea and I'd consider putting one of these in my toilet just to try it out and see if it works well.

    If it has a replaceable innard, I'd say you could put those chlorine tablets inside of it, crush them up to go in the canister or what not. For that matter I'd think I could make this simple design and remove Billy Mays from the equation, and his painted on beard.
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    Re: Internal Bowl Cleaner

    dunbar, fluidmaster has had them out for years.

    a few years back they had a promo for them at the supply house. the rep was selling them for less than a fluidmaster ballcock.

    if you bought 1, he gave you a ballcock.

    i bought everyone he had and sent him home early

    i've never sold 1 or installed 1, but i have sold every ballcock i got from that deal

    i think it's a good idea. it's the cost of the replacement cartridge that is the kicker.


    plus they don't work on my pressure assist toilets.
    phoebe it is


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      Re: Internal Bowl Cleaner

      When I first read the title of the post, I thought maybe it was something you eat!


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        Re: Internal Bowl Cleaner

        Originally posted by lovetheUSA View Post
        When I first read the title of the post, I thought maybe it was something you eat!

        Taco Bell with fire sauce

        Wendy's Chili with hot sauce

        Prunes or prune juice, gallons of it

        I get some serious performance out of the above
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          Re: Internal Bowl Cleaner

          have any of you guys ever see the jet outlet on a syphon jet bowl plug up with hard water deposits?


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            Re: Internal Bowl Cleaner

            I'm all for these things. If the ballcock is anti-siphon, it will still be anti-siphon.

            They don't put the soup in the tank where it can destroy the rubber parts.

            And yes, I've seen plenty of toilets with the jet outlet plugged with hard water. I don't know if these gadgets will help any, but they can't hurt.


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              Re: Internal Bowl Cleaner

              I have been using the fluidmaster unit for 5+ years. I have used their blue and green colors.
              They work quite well to let you know if you have a leaky toilet!

              They do a pretty good job of coloring the water too.

              On the other hand I still use a toilet cleaning brush and cleaner as neither color really keeps the toilet clean! You get "ring around the rim/water line" and the colored water just hides it until it's really bad!

              Why do I keep using them? Well, one reason is to keep the dogs from using the bowl as a drinking fountain and the other it looks nice! and hides the old toilet scratches.

              Cactus Man