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Haunted job sites?

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    Re: Haunted job sites?

    Just remember; don't cross the streams.
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      Re: Haunted job sites?

      I was on a 10 story job once where the lobby had 20 foot ceilings.
      Just a few of the stories were up by then.
      When we came back from Thanksgiving weekend, there was a body hanging from a rope right in the center of the lobby.
      The cops came out, but until the photos had been taken, the body stayed.
      From that point onward, anyone that had been there kept their supplies other places on the job site. And when we walked through there, we just kept going.
      Later on, when other trades started their part of the job, they saw an empty lobby, and they kept all of their supplies there. They thought they had found a real bonanza.
      We just shook our heads and still kept our stuff anywhere but in the lobby.
      Was it haunted?
      Don't know, but it was not comfortable, that's for sure.
      Obama the Plumber


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        Re: Haunted job sites?

        I have a long time customer that is a wood truss builder. The truss plant consists of two very large steel buildings and an office. I am not supersticous or afraid of much of anything, my helper Roger has a pretty good imagination if you know what I mean.
        Was there after hours and me and my helper were the only two left in the place. We were replacing some main sprinkler lines that had pin holes in them and had to wait for the employees to leave because we were working over the truss tables. The front gates were shut but not locked and this plant is in a smaller community. We heard one of the truck doors on their delivery truck open and shut......found nothing. Heard what sounded like a box sliding across the concrete floor......found nothing. Garbage can fell over....found nothing. We thought it kind of crazy and weird and thought nothing else of it, finished our work and went home.

        Same building, about a year later and different helper. This building had the two story offices inside. Offices upstairs and half of the down stairs, other half of the down stairs was break room, bath rooms, smoking room and sprinkler/electrical room. They were remodeling and demo part of these offices and moving them to the new offices. Some how it worked out that we were the last trade in on the remodel and ended up working after hours again. Only me and Tim on the premise and working down stairs in the new locker room. The drop ceiling grid was up and the tiles were in for the most part. We had to remove several of the tiles to relocate the sprinklers and were working away. Tim was up on a ladder beside of me when we heard some footsteps walk across the wooden floor above us, and dust fall from the floor trusses. We just kind of looked at each other, I came down off of the ladder grabbed a flashlight out of my tool bucket, ran upstairs.......found nothing.
        Well that kind of freaked me out and then I told Tim about what had happened to me and Roger, Tim was ready to go home.

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          Re: Haunted job sites?

          I was working on the second floor of a very old, unoccupied, house in Scituate, Ma. My boss came up the stairs and asked if I was loosing my voice? When, in a normal voice, I said no, he looked shocked and left in a hurry. When I asked him latter on that day what happened he said when he opened the door to come in the house he said" Mike, where are you?". A horse voice answered back "upstairs".


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            Re: Haunted job sites?

            i was in a insulated pipe chase under a hotel in churchill, manitoba.

            it was darker than dark in there.

            i heard this "hissing" noise as i crawled.

            i was looking at a pipe of some sort when i herd a russle and something ran by me real quick.

            the surprise of this caused me to jerk and yell out.

            i turned my flashlight to see what it was. a big black cat.

            i guess i backed it into a corner when i was crawling towards the problem area.


            i laughed pretty good for awhile


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              Re: Haunted job sites?

              Update (late) I worked there with no incident...