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    I am getting ready to remodel the bathroom in my own home, the stack is cast iron and at least 70 years old the problem is normally I would take out ny disk grinder and cut the pipe so that a hub could be used to goto pvc,but since this on the second floor a snap cutter would probably be better.Is cast iron pipe this old suitable to cut in this manner or wouls it just shatter? My other course of action would be to cut the lead soil pipe short and use a fernco coupling to complete the replacement in pvc.I would appreciate any tips someone could offer on this matter.

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    Snap at your own risk...if it were me I'd get the grinder out and cut it.


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      snap cutters work great if youve got an even wall thickness on the cast, otherwise it could crush leaving a jagged edge with possible longitudinal cracks. A tungston carbide blade in a sawzall works too.


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        It will probably snap clean if you do a little homework. Rap on the pipe with a solid metal object, like a chisel or the end of a pipe wrench. If you get a crisp, clear metallic "cling", the pipe is in pretty good shape, and will snap clean. If you get a dull thud - like sound, the pipe had deteriorated so much that it would probably crush............