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arctic water service lines

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  • arctic water service lines

    this is the way we have to run our water services lines.

    pic #3-2 lines come into the building-pic

    pic #1-the circ pump circs the water back to the water main when none is being used. disregard the shiny copper pipe in the foreground, that's for the hwt.

    pic #2-when the circ pump fails, the flow switch closes and energizes the heat trace. 3-5 watts/ft self-limiting.

    all water and sewer mains/services are PEHD.

    the water mains are constantly circulated back to the main pump house. during the deep cold of winter the boilers are going almost non-stop. we have to inject warm water in one end of the town supply to make it come out the town return. we don't have a frost line in the ground.

    permafrost means permanently frozen. at least in our life times. things are warming up though. there's also something called glacial rebound. but that's another story.

    this is in my opinion the best system to keep the water going.

    the gc's up here charge somewhere in the neighborhood of about a $1000cad, $800 amer/ft X 2. don't forget about the sewer service.

    average services vary from 50-75'. do the math.


    p.s. our water is fresher than fresh
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