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Repair or replace? That is the question

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    Re: Repair or replace? That is the question

    Just a little something to add.

    I spoke with a owner of what I would consider a very succesfull plumbing company today.

    He does construction and service plumbing.Only four guys.

    He has his lead service guy in an extremely well stocked rig.
    When I asked him if he had $4,000 in stems/cartridges he chuckled.He said he had about $100,000 in this lead service guy's truck.

    They take care of the high end Malibu crowd who under no circumstances want to be bothered twice over a plumbing issue.So the whole thing with leaving and coming back with a part will lose these kind of customers to the guy who has a better stocked truck.

    With that in mind I should be thankfull it shouldn't be too hard for me to stock the basics to serve the houses in my area...(for now).