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  • RIDGID Featured in Phc News

    The trade publication did a nice write up on RIDGID. While it doesn't get very specific on the tools, it is a good overview of the brand and company. Those of you that think of RIDGID as more than just something in the tool box should find it interesting (especially the Roundup crew.) It has a general story and then a Q&A with our president.

    I'd love to hear any thoughts or comments.

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    Re: RIDGID Featured in Phc News

    we all know who fred pond is

    but who is this wyatt kilmartin they mentioned

    what about josh

    wyatt where are you

    i also interviewed fred when i was there

    plumber rick- mr. pond, what is the best all around drain cleaning machine you're
    most proud of. the one that will do it all?

    pond- overall the best, most universal drain cleaning machine we produce is the k-60.
    if i only had 1 to work with, it would be the k-60.
    in fact it's been nick named the impressionator

    you really needed to be there


    phoebe it is


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      Re: RIDGID Featured in Phc News

      There are photos from the Roundup in the print version. Wyatt or Josh; post that PDF for the guys.


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        Re: RIDGID Featured in Phc News

        Thanks for the info ProBrand. Good reading there


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          Re: RIDGID Featured in Phc News

          Very nice, I certainly enjoyed reading the interview. I do believe I had a smile on me the whole time....

          Clip from the story....

          Some of the largest and most influential companies and/or their facilities in this industry are found on the outskirts of major metropolitan areas. One such company, RIDGID -- located in Elyria, Ohio, just south of Cleveland -- has been mastering its craft since 1923. Becoming a top tool company in this industry not only means that its products and services are second to none, but its adaptability in an ever-emerging global market is also key to RIDGID’s success.

          Now that's something to be proud of, success in many area's is what gets you to the point your company is at. Way to go Ridgid....
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          Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

          A good climbing rope will last you 3 to 5 years, a bad climbing rope will last you a life time !!!


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            Re: RIDGID Featured in Phc News


            Got your message and of course read your post. I remember that interview, though I am not sure your details are 100% accurate ;-)

            Thanks to everyone that checked out the article.