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Warning Rapidgrip wrench power drive

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  • Warning Rapidgrip wrench power drive

    I need to post a Warning about using the Rapidgrip wrench on any power drive (300,535,etc.)One of our men lost the tip of his index finger when he was tightening a 1 1/4'' cast fitting on a 300 power drive! The wrench slipped off the fitting, lock on the pipe, crushing and ripping the tip of the finger off against the support bar of the power drive. I know Ridgid warns to not to make or break fittings on there power drives but it is commonly done in the sprinkler, plumbing, and other mechanical trades. We have several Rapidgrip wrenchs and we think they are great otherwise.

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    It is very unfortunate this accident occurred.

    The Ridge Tool Company does not recommend making or breaking fitting with a power drive or threading machine. This is an unsafe practice regardless of which type pipe wrench is used.