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    I've traveled into another dimension, a dimension not only of plumbing and heating, but of pain and improbable bad luck, a journey into the woundrous land whose boundries are that of imagination. That sign post up ahead; your next stop; The Dunbar Zone! (DZ)

    It was dusk and time was of the essence. I must complete one more service call before picking up my son at his violin rehearsal.
    The call: a sprinkler system winterization.
    No problem. I have a generator just inside the back doors of the van and an air compressor just inside the side doors. I have it down to a science. 20 min. in and out. I do several of these a day besides the plumbing load.

    I jump out of the van and turn off the water to system. My right knee talks to me with a constant ache from a long week of crawling, walking, climbing stairs and ladders etc., but I can't let that slow me down.

    I prepare the r.p. device, turn on zone one at the sprinkler controller and then start the generator and compressor. My elbow rams into the partially open back door as I pull the generator chord AAAARRRRRGGGG!!!!#@!#%%(%^@##$ the dang DZ!!!!!
    I pull the hose from the compressor over towards the r.p. It's getting darker, I move faster, I don't notice the brick planter with vines draped over it. I plunge my right leg, just below the aching knee, into the corner of the bricks...AAAAARRRRRGGGG@#%@$%&^&(#%%@$ the F'ing DZ!!!

    I'm thankful for dark so no bystanders can see the tears from the big, strong (stupid) plumber.

    I compose myself and hobble 2 more feet to the r.p. and connect the air hose....I feel just like the Wiley Coyote as a sprinkler rotor, at eye level, pops up and sprays me RIGHT IN THE EYES with about 80 psi and I fall back into the hollies...AAAAAARRRRGGGG!#$^%^*%*(#$%! DZDZDZDZ.

    I can only say, I haven't stepped completely into that "undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns" 'cause at least I didn't CRAP IN MY PANTS! (wait a minute, what's that smell???)
    "Man will do many things to get himself loved, he will do all things to get himself envied." Mark Twain

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    Re: The Dunbar Zone

    Classic SlimTim
    Your talented.
    Coordinated at the end of the after you've been working so hard???? I don't know.
    Boy I don't want to be the sore you for the next couple days.


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      Re: The Dunbar Zone

      That was great Tim

      "undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns" is my favorite line



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        Re: The Dunbar Zone

        *&^%#@ Happens but hopefully not unto me. Then (*&&^% and is has happened to me too. GRRRRRRRRRR


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          Re: The Dunbar Zone

          I have put my back out in front of customers. even for all the pain, It still did not make me as eloquent as you. Although the %%%%%444)){{ were the same


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            Re: The Dunbar Zone

            Both You and Dunbar have GREAT writing talent !!!! thanks
            I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .