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    Re: Speechless (pics)

    Here's a sin for ya,

    Almost 20 years ago I installed a bathroom in a home where the only vent I had access to was directly above the tee feeding a 1st floor bathroom.

    The distance between the top of the tee hub and the bottom of the floor was minimal, and no way to cut a tee in.


    I had a bit that would drill a hole that the tolerance was amazingly close for 1.5" pipe.

    Drilled the hole, primed the hole and the pipe entering into the sidewall of that 3" and made a solvent weld connection.

    Apparently it worked, the only thing that would possibly cause a leak would be condensation running down the main stack...that's it. I couldn't convince the guy to let me go up to the 1st floor @ 42" and tie into the stack legally.

    I didn't do work for this guy for a number of years...until recently where I'm now doing their plumbing work for 3 funeral homes.

    Apparently I'm special in their eyes because I'm the first plumber (their words not mine) that absolutely is numb to dead bodies.

    They said everyone else is really freaked out, or puts conditions on them before they start. I unclogged a floor drain in the embalming rooms and the smell of formaldehyde sp? was gross, along with the pinkish fluid backup.

    3 dead bodies in the opposite room just laying there, I could of tickled their toes.
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      Re: Speechless (pics)

      Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
      i guess they wern't concerned with a san tee on its back or the direction of flow either

      yeah, it was put together with a smear of what I think was rtv sealant, with clear silicone smeared over the top.
      the builder actually got upset that I wanted to "and did" cut out that section of pipe and replace it. he was standing there, waiting to put in the cabinet.
      Originally posted by NHMaster3015
      No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.