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Metal debris retrivel stack

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  • Metal debris retrivel stack

    In the basement ,5 ft. up from the long Horiz. sweep Installed a Y for new Bath addition.
    Could not get My snap chain in there,so did an H cut with grinder. A couple of scraps fell in.
    Realize this could trap paper in the future. Will try a magnet today. So happy I Installed
    a C.O. Y just before the y coming into it. Wasn't necessary except for Mu double Mechanical to do My water test for inspection. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks Tool. PS Next time I'll use a magnet or duck tape on the pieces before hammering!
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .

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    Re: Metal debris retrivel stack

    Aside from using a shop vac, once I had a similar situation and had to take care of it right away so I dug through my van and found one of those 1 1/2 nipples that used to come with the 100 gallon water heaters that's packed full of magnets (you know, the nipple that your supposed to put on the water inlet to the heater to maintain the warranty). I then cut the end off of the nipple, removed the magnets and used electrical tape to secure them to a toilet auger. I then slipped a piece of pvc over this area, taped it on lightly and installed a pull string in a hole I had drilled. I had to use this little set up to keep the magnets from sticking to the side wall of the pipe. Once I had inserted this thing all the way, I pulled the pvc sleeve back towards me and then pulled the toilet auger back. I did this several times until all was clear. This was before cameras were available


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      Re: Metal debris retrivel stack

      Smaller squares or whatnot could get washed through.A magnet will be a tough go if it's a cast line!