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new water tank recommendaton??

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  • new water tank recommendaton??

    I currently have an electric hot water heater. (ouch... electric bill ) there is a gas line available right to teh tank, so I was thinking of replacing.

    My question is.. Has anyone used the tankless water heaters like the Bosch Aquastar? Based on what I've read, there is significant savings over electric, or even gas heaters. Any comments would be appreciated.

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    There may be a savings over the cost to run the tankless but is it enough to offset the difference in the cost of the heaters themselves? You local utility could probably help figure that out. Another concern I've heard voiced is that the tankless just don't put out enough hot water under peak load demands, running the dishwasher and shower at the same time etc. I personally don't know one person that has a tankless heater and that in itself tells me a bunch.
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      I'd go with at least a 50 gallon high recovery gas unit. I've seen several systems like you described, but none of them perform how they're supposed to. Gas units are less susesptible to the problems that occur with tankless units. The company I work for charges around $550 to $600 for a 50 gallon gas unit, a little lower for a 40 gallon. But either way, a gas unit will save you a lot of money compared to an electric.
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