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  • Jobsite Thefts

    A few weeks ago there was a big story in Los Angeles about a theft ring hitting construction sites. This theft ring included organized teams to break-in to jobsites, warehouse facilities, and distribution networks. It is thought that their operation spread over several states. Their warehouse was amazing.

    Over the past year I have seen an increase in jobsite break-ins. On one site the general contractor installed camaras. All this did was allow us to watch a video of a theft taking place.

    Has anyone else noticed an increase?
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    Knock on wood, but its been awhile since I've been on a jobsite thats been looted. A few years ago I was working on an experimental housing program where former housing project residents were given a chance to purchase their own homes. The thinking was that the pride of ownership would help stabilize neighborhoods.

    We were using copper for the waterlines. Thieves would break in at night and steal the copper out of the walls. Even walls that had already been drywalled were destroyed to get at the copper. We started painting the copper white to match the color of the PVC and the thefts of copper stopped (It made cleaning the stub outs on trim a pain).

    I had a gang box anchored to the sub floor and joists with the biggest lag screws I could find, one morning the entire gang box and a huge section of the floor including the joists were gone. There were other things that happened but thats for another time. That project lasted over a year and my hair went from dark brown to quite grey in that time.
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