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Best hot water dispenser????

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  • Best hot water dispenser????

    I just got a call from one of my customers and he told me that his Kohler hot water dispenser is leaking after only 3 yrs of use. What make seems to be the best quality to you guys? I like the in-sink-erator, but it's kinda pricey especially when you get the filtered unit!(Replacement filters cost $100). Thanks for your input.


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    Re: Best hot water dispenser????

    Who makes Kohler? I don't know.

    InSinkerator's did have a plastic tank that seemed to harden & pinhole or crack.

    They now have a stainless tank. Much better. But who knows, they could be making them extra thin. After all-they need turnover for profit.

    Anyway, I think they've improved. The accessories are pricey. I installed one for a customer with a brushed nickel dispenser that I thought the supply house robbed them on. Until I checked with another supply house that was even higher.

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      Re: Best hot water dispenser????

      They are ALL junk in my experience. It seems they never last more than a few years.
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        Re: Best hot water dispenser????

        2 things joey wanted when we she moved in

        a hot water dispenser.

        a pull out kitchen faucet.

        i showed her how to use the microwave.

        i installed a side sprayer for her.

        instant hot water dispensers are guaranteed to leak and destroy your cabinet.

        pull out faucets are also guaranteed to break and leak into the cabinet.

        in my opinion, the ise hc1100 is the best one there.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Best hot water dispenser????

          The HC1100 is a good faucet made better by the stainless tank. But, it's a me too copycat to the Franke Little Butler dispenser. Too bad about the Little Butler's recall on the metal tank fitting that was destroying the tank to faucet hose and the tin tanks that are doomed to leak. Leaky tanks make a real mess if the leak isn't noticed. Maybe ISE's stainless tanks will will be an improvement. Time will tell.
          Rick is right about the strong chance of a leak on a pull out faucet. However, a side spray can leak just as easily as a pull out. And the pull outs generally leak near the handle, so it's obvious to anyone whose paying attention that there's a leak and maybe it's time to fix it before it does any real water damage.