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Where to buy Ridgid parts?

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  • Where to buy Ridgid parts?

    I have a Ridgid catalog, and I see a number of parts that interest me. There are soooo many parts in this catalog, I doubt they are all available at my local hardware store or even plumbing supply.

    Can anyone advise me of how I might purchase parts, catalog in-hand? I am happy to do so on-line, or by telephone or mail-order.

    Right now, I am looking at 4" cutters for a cast iron rainwater drain pipe that has some roots in it.

    I'm in So. California.


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    The easiest way would be to go to our "Shop Online" link from our homepage. Under this section you will find RIDGID Parts Online. You can order parts from RIDGID parts online

    You can also search for local distributors under the "Help Desk" section of the site. You will find a link to "Where to Buy". This will alow you to search for local distributors who should all be able to order parts for you.

    Hope this helps, Josh


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      Thanks for the response, and the recommendation. And I'd like to add that I like your website and this forum. However, I seem to be a failure with your recommended online catalog. I have put in a few different catalog numbers, and it always responds with "no parts found." I'm looking right at a recent printed catalog.

      Could you search for catalog number 92545 and tell me what comes up? Or 92500, 92505, 92810. I expect you've got stock on these, but I'm doing something wrong.

      I am not logging in at the online store. Rather, I'm just searching for a part, by catalog number. Do I have to log in to do that? The site doesn't imply that. It's a parallel activity to log in, hence I'm assuming that's for committed buyers? I'm acting like a "window shopper" at this point!



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        John, is strictly repair and replacement parts. I think the cat#s you gave me are all tools. I think your best bet is to find the where to buy section on our site under the Help Desk dropdown.

        Another option is to go under the Shop Online dropdown and try out our prefered online vendors. Some of them should have the tools you are looking for.



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          I like to shop online, so I'll look that way. Thanks!