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  • Dang it's slow

    I'm making payroll, etc, but man oh man is it slow. Had one call today. Toilet I replace a wax ring on a month or two ago had water on floor by base. I get there, flush it, the fill tube has popped out of the overflow and is spraying the underside of the lid and running down the back of the tank to the floor. One call and I didn't have the heart to charge them for it. It's a restaraunt/bar I do work for commonly. Told owner she owes me lunch.

    We've got snow; inviting all to come ski and plug some drains while you're here.
    This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.

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    Re: Dang it's slow

    my 8 year old nephew came within 1'' of making it to the semi-finals in the punt, pass and kick competition.

    he is competing with the 9 year olds and finished 2nd. the next round is in colorado and the finals are at the super bowl.

    well next year he'll be 9

    last week end was the 3 round held in san diego.

    see you at the next roundup

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Dang it's slow

      Originally posted by Ace Sewer View Post
      We've got snow; inviting all to come ski and plug some drains while you're here.

      Excellent advertising and business plan to not only stimulate the local economy, but keeps a good man in business. Enloyed the humor.


      Had 3 brothers who represented San Diego in the Pun, Pass & Kick program years back. Exciting stuff for them. Good luck to yours.
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        Re: Dang it's slow

        Not slow for me Ace. I'd recommend you get ready. Maintain the truck & your arsenal of jetters. Check your #'s and make sure you are making the same amount of profit to tell if you need to increase $ to cover your increases.

        You'll be buried in work before you know it.



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          Re: Dang it's slow

          See this thread...

          Still really slow here. Had my first eight hour day in two weeks yesterday.