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    Re: Plumbing Wholesaler problem!!!!!

    If time is an issue, I generally don't shop an order, unless it's got a big ticket item on it. That said, I do three things to ensure that I don't leave too much on the table with my suppliers.
    1) Package quotes so that you get special pricing, not out of their book, but where they work up from their true cost. Drop shipments fall under this category, as well as large stocking orders. Getting quotes on items you might not think about as having a lot of play pricing wise is also a good idea. An example of this in my case is shower drains. Often I supply Zurn drains in place of standard ez test ones. Because I don't have any idea how many I'll use in say 6 months, I could just buy them as I need them. But, by getting a quote on 10 or more, I can save as much as 20% and not tie up too much capital. The object is to be the customer who increases their gross, not their net. You're not in business to make them rich. Whether they make money on my orders is they're business, and I trust that they know their business. Pay your bills on time, or better yet, discount and they'll love you all the same.
    2) Once you've established that you're a capable buyer, they will police themselves. By this I mean that they won't waste your time or theirs by throwing out inflated prices. They'll either sharpen their pencils or refuse to quote you. Either way, you don't waste your time soliciting prices from the wrong people. What I said earlier about different suppliers specializing in different products comes into play here. Keeping track over a period of time will reveal whose got the best price on just about anything.
    3) Trust, but verify. Religiously check your invoices. Sometimes the quoted price and the invoice don't match up. And, when this happens, and it happens regularly, it's invariably a computer error. I've never been given an acceptable answer why 95% of computer errors are in their favor.
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      Re: Plumbing Wholesaler problem!!!!!

      Very nice, nice, There is truth in all you guys words and im going to be nice tommorrow and negotiate pricing and loyalties, with no curse words and no violence HA! I know times change and were suppose to adapt to the changes but sometimes the bus passes me up a few times before i decide to get on. It just seems with every change its more work for me!