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  • So How Did You Do?

    I figured with santa back on vacation and the year winding down how did your business do? Im starting to gather all my numbers for the year and so far it looks like we are up a little more than 10% from last year. im interested to find out how everyone did with the recession and all. And what kind of stuff do you guys write off?
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    Re: So How Did You Do?

    i'm also starting to put the numbers together. at 1st glance it looks like 5% growth over last year. but that's just my guesstimate. it could be higher but until the accountant gets the number and does his majic i really don't know. i had a couple of slow months in the srping but the last 2 1/2 have been killer.

    as far as deducts i try for everything. ANY business related expence gets a receipt and hopefully it'll help. if it isn't documented it doesn't exist.

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      Re: So How Did You Do?

      I did almost 500 grand in sales. Two construction jobs at about 180 grand, the rest was pretty much service and repair.


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        Re: So How Did You Do?

        This will be the first year I didn't make more than the years before, but I have a good excuse.

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          Re: So How Did You Do?

          All of my accounts are current (Taxes, supply houses)

          I paid myself a good wage this year

          I bought a few ticket this year (K-60 for one)

          I have even managed to put some money away for a camera and locator (This is the year!)

          Since this is my first full year on my own I think I did OK

          Time will tell