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Expansion tank placement

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    Originally posted by Chandler35:
    the shut off for the cold water supply is about 6" before the 90 down to the water heater. If I understand you right it would be acceptable to install a T between the two, run about a 8" pipe horizontally so the tank is out of the way and install the expansion chamber on to that? Also, the water meter/backflow preventer from the town supply is on a pipe that runs vertically. Is it ok to intall a pressure reducing valve vertical? I've read that it may cause them to wear faster. Once again, I thank you for the help. I hate to say that I'm trying to save alittle money because it's time to fill the old oil tank.
    Most PRVs that I have used can be installed vertically or horizonally, but you should check the installation sheet of the valve you intend to use.

    Your expansion tank installation seems about right to me.

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