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    Re: Gas leak

    Originally posted by spodelee View Post
    I was probably a little hard on good ol' Devine, but I think sometimes it's too easy to pass judgement on this board. I guess that one got under my skin. It's always easy to quarterback after the fact.

    we all do it from time to time

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      Re: Gas leak

      Originally posted by HVAC HAWK View Post
      we all do it from time to time
      Yes we do, and I for one do it many times when it relates to safety. But it's not because I am trying to crucify someone, its to bring to light to them and others the seriousness of the situation and relate what I think I would have done. That can be looked at as being a Monday QB or in giving constructive criticism or guidance so maybe that same situation can be avoided or mitigated in the future. I guess your view depends on whether you take criticism well or not.

      And since this is a written medium through which we converse, response relaying how others would have reacted are recorded for people who may come here in the future looking for answers to a problem.

      Most times its not about taking the other guy down a notch, its more about building the right attitude and responses to a condition to help them be safer or more efficient.
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