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3/4 N55BDUS 070 M1 Watts Water Pressure Reducing Valve

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  • 3/4 N55BDUS 070 M1 Watts Water Pressure Reducing Valve

    I'm putting this up as a thread, warning to those who use this, also to get some attention to the matter.

    This PRV is gaining popularity over the 25AUB34 long style PRV because it's easier to install by far.

    This started out a couple years ago with me catching a couple defective ones, no big deal I thought, not everything is perfect. All of a sudden, the nuts have to be hard cranked completely down to make them stop leaking, almost burying the nut to the housing which is ridiculous....this has been going on in just the past couple months, which is making it very difficult to get them to stop leaking.

    Aside from that, I spoke with a company just now that installs far more PRV's than I do and they told me that they're experiencing the same exact problem, and some of the PRV's are defective from the go with creating a high shrill shrieking noise through the water lines when water passes through it. This confirms by what they were saying, stating they had 5 bad ones on their desk and at least 30 over the past few months or year. That would indicate that something is wrong in the lines of product reliability.

    Watts needs to hear and see this problem in their product because I have 100's of these in operation, along with other plumbers who find out about this model and quickly you can install it. 2 cuts, 2 solder connections and it's done. No threading MIP's to think of.

    I'm contacting the rep who instantly shipped me out 6 for my inconvenience 2 years ago regarding this problem.

    When I go and pick up some more PRV's today, I'm going to go back to the 25AUB34's and ask for the sweat connectors instead of one side threaded and the other requiring a MIP adaptor.

    Nobody makes money when products are defective and the more visible you make the situation, the quicker a product mfg. can address/resolve the issue.

    Hope this helps others regarding product awareness and if anyone has experienced this problem with this model, please inform.

    I stay away from Wilkins products for the reason that the majority of PRV's I replace in homes under 5 years old, are Wilkins.

    I don't have that kind of short life spans with Watts. They usually last far longer and hold up better, with the exception of the above PRV.

    More information when it becomes available; I'll give updates and progress reports.
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    Re: 3/4 N55BDUS 070 M1 Watts Water Pressure Reducing Valve

    Just to follow-up,

    I went to my supply house later that day after typing this, and went on to discuss this with them in grave detail and included that another company that does circles around mine installing these are having the same exact identical problems.

    To go on, the owner of the supply house mentioned "imports" and even though he said nobody said it, it more than likely is the culprit. It's being made in another country fairly cheap and shipped across to the states.

    Just about every other damn thing here in the states.

    So I was going to buy the 25AUB34's but they was going to hammer me for those sweat connectors, jacking the price up well beyond what I want to pay.

    I asked them to bring out what they had on the N55's and sure enough, he brought me out a few with different styled nuts and they cranked down completely different from the ones I was in the posession of.

    Here's what to avoid, here's what to look for:

    The nuts, if they do a quick bottom-out on the thread bore on either side, and the brass nuts are completely brass cast, those are the ones I'm having troubles with.

    If the nuts on the PRV have shiny tapers on the front and back, and the nut starts resisting as soon as you get 2/3rds screwed on, those are the ones that do not have problems.

    I'll can show a picture of the one that I don't think has problems, the others I swapped with the supply house.

    Later tonight I'm going to send an email to the fellow I dealt with a couple years ago with the problems of these PRV's and see what his take is. I'm sure he'll compensate me for some of them but I'd rather have a cure, not a fix.
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      Re: 3/4 N55BDUS 070 M1 Watts Water Pressure Reducing Valve

      Click image for larger version

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      The one showing is one that does not have problems.

      I don't have a picture of the one that does, but the nuts are smooth all the way across, unlike the one I just posted.
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        Re: 3/4 N55BDUS 070 M1 Watts Water Pressure Reducing Valve

        Thanks Dunbar. Good to know as I HATE ANY TYPE OF CALLBACK!